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Combined Concordance

The Concordance is an alphabetical index of all words and some common phrases that appear in the ACIMOE and ACOL books. It shows these within their immediate context along with the number of times the word or phrase occurs in each.

For some common "noise" words, such as "a" and "the", only the count of occurrences is shown.

For access to correlate use of any word in ACIMOE and ACOL click on its first letter:
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Comparative Word Counts

The Concordance includes the number of times a word or phrase appears in ACIMOE and ACOL. A full list of Word Counts comparing their occurrences in ACIMOE and ACOL is available as a PDF document.

Asterisks indicate "noise" words for which only counts are shown in the Concordance.

For the curious: A Course in Miracles – Original Edition uses 467,227 total words (8,408 different words) and A Course of Love uses 255,069 words (7,390 different words).

Guide to References

Here's how CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL references specific paragraphs in A Course in Miracles – Original Edition and A Course of Love.

A Course in Miracles – Original Edition

References to A Course in Miracles–Original Edition follow the pattern of Book:Chapter.Paragraph with the Text being referenced as T:, Workbook for Students Part 1 as W1:, Workbook for Students Part 2 as W2:, and the Manual for Teachers as M:. Thus T:11.37 refers to the Text, chapter 11, paragraph 37.

Section headings within chapters are not included in the reference. They may be viewed in the ACIMOE Chapter Titles.

References to "What is" portions of the Workbook for Students are identified with a code — for example, WIW for “What is the world?”, yielding W2:WIW.3 or W2:WIW.5. Introduction and Epilogue chapters are within a book are given a chapter identification of I or E, for example, T:I.4, W2:E.3, or M:I.4.

A Course of Love

References to specific text within the Combined Volume of A Course of Love generally follow the pattern of Book:Chapter.Paragraph with Book One being referenced as the “Course” (C), Book Two as the “Treatises” (T), and Book Three as the “Dialogues” (D). Thus within the Course, C:20.30 refers to chapter 20, paragraph 30. References to paragraphs within The Preludes or the Introduction would be, for example, C:P.8 or C:I.9.

References to paragraphs within the Treatises must identify the number of the Treatise, for example T2:10.1, or T3:13.6. References to paragraphs generally within the Dialogues would be, for example, D:12.4, but references to paragraphs within the “Forty Days and Forty Nights” require special treatment, as for example D:Day1.23. References to paragraphs within the Epilogue or the Addendum may be referenced simply as, for example, E.6 or A.4.

For the titles of each ACOL chapter, reference the ACOL Chapter Titles.

Correlating ACIMOE-ACOL

See CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL to explore occurrences of words and phrases within the context of their appearance in both
A Course in Miracles – Original Edition and A Course of Love.